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Hornady does not sell ammunition, bullets and cartridge cases directly to the public - we kindly ask that you contact retailers about availability. We appreciate your business and want you to know we are doing everything possible to continue to respond to the record level of demand for ammunition, bullets, cartridge cases, reloading presses and accessories. Thank you for your support.
Our production crews are working 24/7.

For retail or blemished bullet sales, please visit our authorized factory outlet: GI Loan Shop.


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Product Support

Hornady is dedicated to supporting our product line and helping consumers with questions they may have. Please review the options below to find answers or to direct your inquiry to the proper department.

Technical Product Questions

We make hundreds of products, most of which are featured on our website. If you can’t find the answer to your question by using the search function that appears at the top of every page or by visiting the FAQ section or User Manuals page, please submit your question and we will respond in a reasonable timeframe.

Warranty and Registration Questions

Many of our products come with a warranty so we strongly recommend you register your purchase so we can more effectively help you if a problem arises in the future. If you have a warranty question on a product you have purchased, please submit your question and we will respond in a reasonable timeframe.

Ordering Custom-Manufactured Dies

Hornady offers custom-manufactured dies made to your specifications. If you are interested in ordering a custom-manufactured die, please refer to our custom dies page for details on what we need and submit the form so we may get in touch with you.

Finding a Product

If you are searching for a particular product, we recommend using the Retail Locator tool to find retailers near you that carry our products. A phone call to your local retailer can verify inventory of your specific item. You may also find online retailers to handle your needs.

If you’re looking for a product on our website, use the search function at the top of every page and type in the item number or product description.

Order Status/History

You can track your order status by logging into your account or going to the Order Status page. Order history from our old site is not available online due to the initiation of a new and improved order tracking system. If you have questions about a current or past order, submit your inquiry and we will respond in a reasonable timeframe.

Website Support

For comments or questions about our website, refer to the FAQ section. If you are having technical issues, or want to report possible errors or omissions, please submit your inquiry and we will respond in a reasonable timeframe.

Dealer Support

Hornady offers an online Retail Locator that allows customers to search for Hornady® dealers within their area. If you are a dealer, but are not listed on the Retail Locator, please complete the Dealer Listing Form. This form is intended for dealers who already stock Hornady products and is not a sign-up for becoming a dealer. If your listing on the Retail Locator is not accurate, please submit your changes here.

LE/Military Support

Hornady has a separate website that serves the law enforcement and military communities. Please visit the Hornady LE site to find information about LE products, distributors and news.

For all other inquires please contact Hornady Law Enforcement Department.

SnapSafe® Support

Hornady has a separate website and store for SnapSafe security products. Please visit the SnapSafe site to find information about products, distributors and news.


We actively seek talented and dedicated individuals to join our team. You’ll find a listing of open positions, along with descriptions on our employment page. If you're passionate and qualified in your skill set, we want to hear from you. Send us a cover letter and resumé to get in touch and start the process.

For all other inquires please contact Human Resources.

Donations, Sponsorships & Advertising

Hornady is dedicated to the preservation of our hunting and shooting sports heritage and when possible, provides donated goods in support of legitimate organizations and programs that promote shooting, hunting and conservation. Only requests using our electronic submission form will be evaluated. We will thoughtfully consider those that meet our requirements.

Promotions & Rebates

Redemption forms for our current promotions can be found on our promotions page. Please call (800) 338-3220 for rebate and promotion-related questions.

Questions, comments and feedback are always welcome. If you have questions or comments, select from the options below to send an email to the proper department. All fields are required in order to process your request.

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